My name is Karina. I am from Ukraine and currently living in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel (between Gouda and Rotterdam) in The Netherlands.

I adore my little daughter, my husband, and our three cats. Photographing them is a joy because they express such real, natural emotions. I love travelling, though not particularly fond of being on the road. The sea, cats, hard music, and condensed milk hold a special place in my heart! :)


My journey into photography began with an old mobile phone, and I often receive positive feedback on my mobile photos. This motivated me to save up for a professional camera, and now here I am :)

Fun fact: I'm a civil engineer by education, but my true passion lies in capturing people through photography and creating watercolour paintings.

About my style

I capture genuine, emotional moments without forced posing. This doesn't mean there won't be any posing; you will simply engage in everyday activities and feel at ease in front of my camera.

I perform colour correction and minimal retouching, retouching, addressing visible skin concerns without adopting a glossy style.


For me, photography is about creating memories that, years later, you can revisit in an album, recalling warm and wonderful times with loved ones in the familiar surroundings of your home. Whether it’s the joy of your children playing, the laughter on an old cozy couch, or the fervent, sensual, and shy moments of your kisses, I aim to preserve these precious memories. That’s why I prefer capturing you in your environment or during outdoor photo walks, ensuring your memories are filled with warmth and love.


When it comes to personal photography, it's always something special. It varies for each of you, but at the same time, it's poignant, deep, sometimes bringing tears, sometimes with laughter. And I am grateful to everyone who bares their soul before me.

Would you like to get to know each other before the session?

It's not a problem at all.

I would love to drink a cup of coffee to get to know you better!