How wonderful that you found me!

I'm Karina, a photographer with a passion for capturing people and their stories. To me, photography is all about emotions, the essence of the present moment, and showcasing the real, beautiful you or your family. 


My family, my internal battles, and my perspective on the world inspire me to create and share fragments of my creativity with you.


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I thrive on creating genuine and special moments that I truly cherish. If you resonate with this approach, I'm excited about the possibility of working with you!


I offer my services for personal photography, family photography (including maternity and newborn photography), lovestory photography, and more. Curious about what to expect? Explore further or reach out to me directly!


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Personal photo sessions are like a journey into the realm of your emotions and individuality. Each frame captures not only your appearance but also the unique light that resides within you. These photos become a mirror of your soul, reflecting not just the external beauty but also the warmth of your inner world. Whether in personal life or business, a personal photo session is like magic, infusing each frame with a drop of your uniqueness and warmth.

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A love story is more than just posing; it's an unveiling of a unique narrative created through shared glances, laughter, and tender moments. A photo session for a couple in love is an intimate journey where each click of the shutter tells a chapter of your story.


Capturing genuine emotions, awakening feelings in frames, and creating a love story are at the heart of a personalized photo shoot for a couple. It's not just a photo session; it's an opportunity to capture moments of true closeness, understanding, and joy. Let's together create a vibrant portrait of your extraordinary love story.

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Family photography goes beyond simple portraits; it's an exploration of the unique dynamics and connections that make your family special. 

In this stream of time where days fly like the wind, family photography becomes a unique archive of your growth and transformation. Children grow so fast that sometimes it feels like their childhood is slipping away. With each photograph, we capture not only an image but also the magic of those moments that can never be brought back.

Flipping through the family photo album, you immerse yourself once again in the past, reminiscing about laughter, games, and important stages in your children's growth. These shots not only vividly convey your story but also become precious monuments that can be passed down from generation to generation. Let's craft a vibrant portrait that tells the story of your extraordinary family.

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Don't know what to gift? What about 

a gift of memory

In a world of fleeting moments and swiftly changing times, a gift certificate for a photoshoot becomes a bridge between the past and the future – a magical moment that will linger in the heart forever.

It doesn’t merely capture frames but opens the door to a realm of memories, where each image is a drop of eternity. The significance of such a gift lies in providing not just photographs but the opportunity to relive the excitement, joy, and beauty of moments we wish to cherish for a lifetime.

In this certificate resides the power to immortalize unique instants and create precious memories.

Concept, design, assembly – all done by hand and with my heart🤎

The process of creating you can look on Instagram.

So, what are the charms of my gift certificate:

Handmade paper with my logo and the main text, which you can personalize! Before printing, I'll send you a draft, you approve the text, and then it's packed and sent. You can choose a standard text or your own, for example, specify the recipient's name, giver's name, and add a personal message. Anything you like! ✨

I enclose the certificate in transparent paper, and then in an elegant black envelope. Inside the envelope, there's an insert with a tulip logo that I designed and drew by myself, printed on handmade paper, and completed the envelope. Tulips are my favorite flowers!

Each certificate can be unique because I seal the envelope with lace ribbon and a wax seal. Sometimes I change the lace and wax color and improvise. I love adding something from dried flowers or leaves. All of this creates a stylish vintage look, which is beautiful, presentable, and doesn't require fussing with gift wrapping.


I think it's an excellent gift option for your loved ones. After all, who would refuse to capture magical moments of family happiness or treat themselves to a personalized photoshoot?

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